Video Analysis

I offer video analysis for your tracks.

I work with Cubase 5 & Cubase 7 (Elements), with Ableton Live 9 and Studio One 2.6.
If you use any of the above you can send me your project files.

If the advise your seeking is more production oriented you can simply send me the full track but if its mixing tips you are after then is best to send me project files with your final mix already done. In this last case scenario there might be plugins that I wont have on my end, in that case I will ask you to use others that we both may have.

So you can see that its pretty straight forward and that you can benefit a lot from it.

You have from 20 minutes to 1 hour analysis, the longer the more detail and tips.

Hope to work with you soon on improving your work.

Use the PayPal form bellow to select the amount and order.

Analysis Length & Price

If you would like more information about analysis please use this contact form.