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Kick Gel

Kick Synth

Kick Gel is a vst kick synth/sampler for electronic dance music production. It is an highly advanced kick synthesizer created using multiple pitch and velocity envelopes that give you the ability to shape your kick in numerous ways.

Unlike most kick synths, Kick Gel allows you to fine tune its high frequency independently of its low frequency and as you change key both high and low frequencies follow the pitch, great for kick pitched effects or to make the kick follow the bass notes.

You can also load your favourite sample and repitch, filter and control its dynamics using the included envelope.

Kick Gel can also be used to add low or high frequencies to a in need kick.


- Compressor
- Phase inverter
- Right channel phase inverter
- Mono switch
- Phase control
- HP/BP/LP Filter
- H/D Envelope


Please try the demo version prior to buy the plugin to make sure it is compactible with your host.

Download DEMO