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In this section you will find all the music projects Mind Doctors Make Acid is currently working on or has worked on in the past.

This section contains a full video series explaining how to create a Psytrance track from start to finish.

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Mixing, Mastering and Music production lessons.

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Upcoming Events

Mind Doctors Make Acid

Audio Workshop

(Live Questions and Answers)
4th of January at 19:00 London time on this page.

EP Release - Something Missing EP

Release Date to be announced.

EP Release - Human Evolution EP

Release Date to be announced.

Mind Doctors On Acid

EP Release - Dark Symphony EP

Release Date to be announced.

Doutor Audio Mental

Workshop de Audio

(Perguntas e respostas em directo)
Dia 11 de Janeiro ás 19:00 Hora de Londres nesta página.