Mind Doctors Make Acid

A melodic, mystic, high energy and intense Full On Psytrance project.

Melody and harmony play a big role in this project as it is the project's main focus.

Indian, Arabian and western classical music techniques are used as an aid for this project's compositions.
Mind Doctors Make Acid started in 2000 and it's still in constant experimentation and evolution.

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Mind Doctors ON Acid

Mind Doctors On Acid, also known as MDOA is a percussive, aggressive, high tech and night full on Psytrance cross.
Percussion is the main focus for this project, highly percussive leads and repetitive melodies backed up with a great background atmosphere.

Mind Doctors ON Acid started in 2012 and can be considered Mind Doctors Make Acid "Dark Side".
Dissonant chords and horror movie style atmospheres are very common in this project.

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Upcoming Events

Mind Doctors Make Acid

Audio Workshop

(Live Questions and Answers)
Next date to be anounced on this page.

EP Release - Something Missing EP

Release Date to be announced by Biopulse Records.

EP Release - Pass It On EP

February 2015.

Mind Doctors On Acid

EP Release - Dark Symphony EP

6th of February 2015

Doutor Audio Mental

Workshop de Audio

(Perguntas e respostas em directo)
Proxima data a ser anunciada aqui e no facebook.

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Mind Doctors Make Acid
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Doutor Audio Mental
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